Friday, May 22, 2020

Chicken Marsala with Mushrooms, Mascarpone, and Mustard

Pennsylvania is in a phased re-opening and we're in the "yellow phase" which means we're still supposed to stay at home and some stores are able to re-open, but restaurants and salons cannot re-open. So life for us is still pretty boring, which is probably why we've been baking bread every week and eating a lot more pasta than we usually eat. Recently, we tried a new-to-us pasta dish: Chicken Marsala with Mushrooms, Mascarpone, and Mustard from Giada's Family Dinners.
We didn't use fettuccine. We used casarecce. This meal is easy to make. It's a nice twist on regular chicken marsala, adding the mustard and mascarpone. At first we liked it, then we weren't sure, but in the end, we decided we liked it a lot especially because it's a nice twist on a dish we cook a lot (so much that I was getting tired of it!). Usually we use a lot more mushrooms, but life during coronavirus with curb-side pick up means you don't always get exactly what you want. We received about a pound of mushrooms, which is what the recipe calls for, but we did purchase more mushrooms from another store. We sauteed the additional mushrooms and added them to the leftovers for a much mushroom-ier dish. We like mushrooms a lot!
Recipe: Chicken Marsala with Mushrooms, Mascarpone, and Mustard

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