Tuesday, May 5, 2020

English Muffin Bread

We are really enjoying the extra time we have during Stay Home/Quarantine to bake bread. We never seemed to be able to find bread baking time during "normal" time. Now we're baking bread at least once a week. Last week's bread was English Muffin Bread from Cook's Country.
Milk, heated to 120 degrees then combined with flour, yeast, sugar, salt, and baking soda:
Let it grow:
Divide between two loaf pans (greased and dusted with cornmeal):
Cover the loaves and allow the dough to rise:
Ready to bake:
Golden brown and at 200 degrees:
We thought this bread was excellent. It really did taste like an English muffin. It's really good warmed/toasted and slathered with butter as a side with dinner. Also it makes an excellent sandwich bread for lunch sandwiches.
We'll definitely make this bread again. Maybe not until after we've tried baking all the other breads on our list (the list is pretty much everything in Bread Illustrated) but I think I like this bread better than my usual English muffin for lunch sandwiches.
Recipe: English Muffin Bread

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