Friday, June 19, 2020

Classic Burger Sauce

As a child, I liked my burgers with cheese on a bun. No ketchup, no mayo, no mustard, no relish/pickle, no toasted bun. no vegetables. Plain. Boring. Squishy white bun. I like more stuff on my burgers now, and definitely a toasted bun, and usually with mustard on the bun - until we made this Classic Burger Sauce (also known as Special Sauce) from America's Test Kitchen.
You can see the pink sauce just peeking out from the top bun, oozing onto the tomato slice.
On SP's burger, a blob of special sauce dripped onto the grilled onion hanging out the left side of the sandwich.

It's really good stuff. Ketchup, mayo, relish, sugar, vinegar, & pepper mixed together. This will be a staple on all future burgers.

Recipe here: Classic Burger Sauce

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