Monday, June 22, 2020

Piccolo Forno

A day after writing that we would not be going out despite entering the Green Phase and restaurants re-opening, we went out to lunch. Gasp! We had rules for this dining out date. We'd only sit outside. In the afternoon. At a non-busy time. In a non-busy area (not on a sidewalk where a lot of people walk or wait for a bus). Wearing masks. At a restaurant we trusted. Final result: A 2 pm reservation to eat outside at Piccolo Forno.

Did we feel safe? Yes, but look at our rules. A lot of places were ruled out because of location, outdoor dining availability, and hours. I am saying I felt safe under this particular set of circumstances!

We were the only customers. Several people walked by our table on the sidewalk, some masked, some not. One person, masked, waited for a bus 6+ feet away from us. Our server wore a mask, correctly (covering nose & mouth), and gloves and tried to stay as far away from the table as possible. There was disposable cutlery. Also, we took a bottle of wine (BYOB) and it was a screw top, so no need for her to handle our wine bottle.

Here's what we ate:
SP had the delicious Lemon Risotto (and added shrimp) that had enough garlic I wouldn't feel safe eating it myself but I did sneak 2 bites and yummy! He liked it a lot. There was squash & kale in it, too. This risotto makes our homemade versions look so sad!
I had Prosciutto, Funghi, Rucola Pizza (crushed tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, mushrooms, prosciutto, arugula, shaved grana padano). Always a delicious pizza.
Dessert? Of course - they have Tiramisu! Light & tasty.

We took some of lunch home and ate it later that night for dinner. We took some of our wine home, too. But no dessert. We managed to finish that while we were there, enjoying being outside on a date.

It was a lovely lunch out with him and it almost felt like "normal." We hadn't been to Piccolo Forno in a while and are happy it's as tasty as ever.

Will we be going out again? I'm not sure. We see a lot of social media comments about people not wearing masks. We read some terrifying accounts this week of patients who survived having this virus but are left with what will be lifelong serious health issues. We see stories of friends who went to a bar and now they all test positive for the virus. We are seeing numbers rise in TX, FL, AZ, OK and as people travel, especially those who go to FL for summer vacations (it seems like many from this area do so), there's risk of rising cases here. There was one day this week with 0 new cases before 2 or 3 days of 5-10 new cases/day. Still low, but when you're in that high risk category, it makes you think twice. Most likely, we'll try it again in a month, pending the number of daily county cases, and under similar rules.

But it was so nice to be out at a restaurant feeling like everything was OK even if just for 2 hours.

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