Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Summer Berry Pie

Summer Berry Pie is the latest pie we've made from The Perfect Pie. It is delicious. I think the recipe is also in Baking Illustrated and about a week ago it was on the Test Kitchen Instagram Feed with the recipe for free.
Look at all the berries! Blueberries, raspberries, blackberries. 
The crust is a graham cracker crust. Graham crackers, butter, sugar, baked until beginning to brown.
Some of the berries are pureed, strained, and then cooked with sugar, cornstarch, and salt to make a delicious not quite jelly but not quite pudding fruit filling. It's so smooth and flavorful and not too sweet. The rest of the berries are tossed with some jelly (we used apricot).
Pour the puree into the cooled crust. Gently arrange the berries atop the puree. Chill until set (at least 3 hours).
We topped our slices with whipped cream (not homemade) but it's good without whipped cream. We both really like this pie. SP probably because he loves fruit and fruit desserts. I like berries a lot and I like that the puree doesn't taste and have the consistency of a too sweet jelly. Most definitely a Make Again dessert - probably again this summer!

Recipe: Summer Berry Pie

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