Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Sourdough Crumpets

It's taken me a while to post about these Sourdough Crumpets. I was hoping we'd make them again before I posted, but that hasn't yet happened. These were a spur of the moment ~ SP wanted to use his sourdough starter discard kitchen adventure. We ate them for dinner, not afternoon tea, or breakfast.
These don't take very long to make and they cook on a griddle like a pancake but to make sure they stay round, pour the batter into a shallow metal ring. We used a 4" biscuit cutter ring. This is similar to the set we have: Round Cookie Biscuit Cutter Set, 12 Graduated Circle Pastry Cutters
I had never tried a crumpet. I remember there being a crumpet place at Pike Place Market in Seattle when we were there about 4 years ago but we didn't have a chance to try the crumpets. It's a cross between a pancake and an English Muffin. 
I loved the crisp exterior and the soft, chewy, English Muffin-like interior. We both really liked these and hopefully will make them again! There's a crumpet recipe that was in an issue of Cook's Illustrated sometime in the past year, so we'll have to try those.

Recipe: Sourdough Crumpets

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