Friday, July 31, 2020

Summer Vegetable Gratin

Our garden has been giving us lots of zucchini. We decided to make Summer Vegetable Gratin from The Side Dish Bible (America's Test Kitchen). 
Since we had so much zucchini, we didn't buy any yellow squash. We just used more zucchini. We have found that large tomatoes do not work in our garden because bugs and critters get to them before they're ripe enough for us so we bought tomatoes.
This is delicious! Zucchini (and squash) shingled in a baking dish, topped with sauteed onions, topped with shingled tomatoes, topped with a bread crumb-parmesan-shallot mixture. There's fresh thyme throughout the entire gratin and servings are topped with fresh basil (which we keep forgetting to do!).
We will definitely make this again - but not on a 90+ degree day. It was not a good day to have something in the oven at 400 degrees! Especially not after we had also baked cookies, bread, and cooked a turkey breast. We both thought the gratin tasted better after the first day. It's really good, especially the crispy bread crumb topping, and gave us 8 servings. It was our only side with grilled chicken thighs.

Note: We omitted the garlic, used only one onion, and used half a shallot. That was plenty for me. I didn't want to risk another stomach episode since I just had one.

Recipe: Summer Vegetable Gratin

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