Thursday, August 13, 2020

Thursday Thoughts

Party Cake Shop in Brookline has paczki from now until August 22. We'll be picking some up later today. They have curbside pickup and are closed Mondays. The paczki are dessert for the next 3 nights since we finished the Grasshopper Pie. This time, we used Mint Oreos for the crust as the recipe instructs (last time we used chocolate wafer cookies). I liked the Mint Oreo crust.

I've been reading a lot this week. I never much liked reading on my tablet but lately I've been reading only on my tablet. I'm starting to prefer it to reading an actual book - never, ever thought I'd feel that way!

I also re-started my subscription to Ancestry and have been working on trying to clean up/fill out my family tree. If you've ever done this kind of research, you know how frustrating it can be. Names at birth give way to nicknames so sometimes it's hard to match people up, first and last names are spelled so many different ways, especially Slavic last names. As an example, one of my great-grandfathers was named Nicholas, spelled these ways: Nicholas, Niclas, Nicklas, Niklas, Nickolas. Same guy, just the spelling is different, even on census forms. Another great-grandfather's last name is spelled about 6 different ways, including on the Ellis Island paperwork. I was lucky enough to find a distant relative who was kind enough to share her research and who had confirmed some of this with a real researcher. 

What We're Eating:

  • Grilled Shrimp with farro salad and peaches with burrata or tomatoes with mozzarella
  • Lamb Burgers
  • Dessert: Grasshopper Pie

What We're Watching:

  • Perry Mason (HBO) finale. I enjoyed the show and hope it gets a second season. 
  • Two hour season finale of The Alienist (TNT). I enjoyed season 2 much more than season 1. I can't stand the Violet character, not because she's engaged to John but just because I don't like the character. I really like the new character Bitsy. 
  • Two hour series finale of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD. Of course I got confused by all the jumps in time but I liked where each character ended up.
  • Dark (Netflix). We finished season 1 and started season 2. I still cannot keep track of all the characters and their relationships! Not to mention all the time periods and time traveling and all the impacts of the traveling/actions/characters. In spite of frequently feeling confused, I still enjoy the show a lot.

What I'm Reading:

  • Black Diamond and The Crowded Grave, Books 3 & 4 in the Bruno, Chief of Police series by Martin Walker. I really like this series. 
  • Death By the Dozen, Red Velvet Revenge, and Going Going Ganache by Jenn McKinlay. Nice, quick reads.

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