Thursday, September 3, 2020

Thursday Thoughts

It's September. It's OK to dive into pumpkin spice everything now. I won't complain. I bought some new fall decor, as if we really needed to add to our two plastic bins of fall holiday decorations. I even asked SP first, figuring he'd talk me down from the online buying ledge. He'd be reasonable and gently remove my hand from clicking BUY, right? Nope. He likes fall/Halloween, too, and indulged me.  

What We're Eating:
What We're Watching:
  • Project Power (movie, Netflix). This was fun. 
  • Rocketman (movie). Not exactly what I expected. I'm not sure I really liked it but I'm glad we watched it.
  • Still working our way through Hinterland (Netflix). We finished seasons 1 & 2 and now have season 3 (4 episodes, each one 1.5 hours).
  • The Boys new season releases tomorrow!
What I'm Reading:
I finally was able to read One Last Lie by Paul Doiron, the latest Mike Bowditch book. I tried to take my time and savor it but it was so engrossing that I finished it quickly and now I find myself anxious for the next book!

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