Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Cenacolo Restaurant, Unmasked

Last weekend we took a drive to Ligonier to see fall foliage. When looking at the map, we discovered that on the way home we would drive past a restaurant that has really tasty food - Cenacolo Restaurant.  Since it's so far away from our home (about an hour drive) we have only eaten at Cenacolo once before. We pulled over on our drive and called in an order for takeout because we refuse to actually dine inside a restaurant right now. We arrived early, parked, and hung out. Then SP put on his mask and went to get our food. I waited in the car. Meanwhile, another couple parked next to us, put on masks, and went inside. About a minute later, the couple returned to their car complaining that they would never eat anything from that restaurant ever and it was so disgusting. I knew immediately why and started to panic, wondering why SP was still inside the germ zone. Right about then he stomped back to the car.

As he huffed into the car he said he was super angry at Cenacolo. He'd gone in and paid. That person had a mask on. But as he waited for that person to return with the food, he noticed that not a single other employee was wearing as mask. That's what the couple had noticed and why they walked out. Also, a maskless person had gone in and asked the masked employee if masks were required and the reply was no. No. 

Unbelievable. There's a pandemic raging and Cenacolo thinks it's OK to not require masks? Disgusting. Of course at this point I remembered that Cenacolo is actually in Westmoreland County and we'd heard on the news that their coronavirus numbers are terrible - the 7th highest incidence rate in PA (see here and here).

So we both were angry because Cenacolo is not inexpensive and now. because we feared the unmasked employees had coughed or sneezed or even breathed on our food, we couldn't eat all of it. The salads we paid for? We tossed. The bread? Tossed. The meals? Reheated at home until steaming.   

For him, Tagliatelle (Shrimp, Scallops, Calamari, Mussels & Spicy Marinara). For me, Ricotta Gnocchi (Short Rib Ragu, Porcini Mushrooms & Roma Tomatoes).

Too bad the food is delicious because we will never go back to a restaurant that doesn't care about the safety of their employees & customers during a pandemic. 

Previous visit:

May 2017

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