Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Cider-Glazed Apple Bundt Cake

A couple of weeks ago we baked Cider-Glazed Apple Bundt Cake from The Perfect Cake (America's Test Kitchen). The cake has been featured on their Instagram feed in recent weeks, too. 
It takes a bit of time to make since you have to boil and reduce the cider and grate apples. It smells fantastic and it came out of the pan nicely. 
As much as I want to love the cake, I just can't. I'm not even sure I liked it much. We already told each other we would probably not make this one again. It just wasn't what we were expecting. The first night it seemed very heavy, dense, and too moist, almost like too much applesauce had been glopped in. On subsequent nights, we reheated slices of cake and it tasted much better warmed & lightly toasted but we both were still a little "meh" about it. The sign it wasn't a hit in our house: a week after baking it, we tossed just under half a bundt cake into the trash. 
I think it's just us because a lot of people have posted rave reviews of this cake. Usually Test Kitchen recipes are a hit with us. Just not this one. But we seem to be in the minority.

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