Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Jade Grill

I do not especially like Chinese food. It leaves me feeling gross, bloated, and greasy. Sometimes just looking at it makes me feel ill, seeing the "meat" inside the dumpling or the grease pools around the food. Unfortunately for me, SP & his family seem to love it. It is often the choice for family birthday dinners. Usually I do not go because of the disgusting food factor. I like not feeling sick after I eat. But not seeing his family because of coronavirus and him working from home since March mean that he hasn't enjoyed any Chinese food since then, maybe even since January. So in spite of my reservations, as we drove around looking at fall foliage last Saturday and talking about dinner, I suggested we try Jade Grill in Mt. Lebanon. We did not dine there, we got takeout. 
I got combo fried rice (no beef though) plus crab rangoon and dumplings. The fried rice had nice size shrimp that were perfectly cooked - unusual, I think, since usually shrimp in fried rice seems a bit tough. The chicken was nicely cooked, too. I wish there had been some more vegetables and maybe a bit more egg. It wasn't too greasy nor salty. 
The crab rangoon were good. The filling was a bit different that I expected, maybe a bit sweeter? The dumplings had a nice thin dough and the pork filling was nicely flavored. I had some trouble chewing some of the rangoon and dumpling but SP thinks that is due to the travel time and then the re-heating.
He ordered Crab Meat Asparagus Soup (no photo) and said it was very good. He also ordered Gong Bao Style Shrimp with brown rice. There were some spicy peppers that even he pushed aside. He liked the thin slivers of ginger in the dish and said that overall the dish wasn't too hot/spicy, just the pepper themselves were a bit much for him.

We pulled over into a parking lot and called in the order from the car. It was a 30 minute wait, so we drove around a bit, then found parking, then walked over. SP went in to get the food, which was ready when we arrived, and then we came home and re-heated it. He liked his food so he'd try Jade Grill again. I didn't feel icky after, so I'd probably try it again, just not too often. Once we feel safer, it'd be nice to try the food at the restaurant, fresh from the kitchen and not re-heated at home.

A new place to add to our take out list and to our "dine at if/when life returns to normal" list.

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