Friday, October 30, 2020

Lighthouse Inn Potatoes

Last weekend we planned to make pork chops for one of our meals this week. I was sad because SP bought pork chops on sale and it turned out they were skinny, bone-in pork chops. The kind that easily shrivel and get tough and dried out when cooked. I wasn't very enthusiastic about these pork chops. We were trying to think of a side and he suggested rice. Really? Way to make a sad, dry, shriveled pork chop meal more appealing. I countered with cheesy potatoes. To my surprise, he agreed to try these Lighthouse Inn Potatoes from The Side Dish Bible (America's Test Kitchen). 

These potatoes come from the Lighthouse Inn in New London, CT. Many people from the area have strong memories of the inn and the potatoes. A New London native led the investigation into the best way to make these potatoes for Cook's Country in the Dec-Jan 2017 issue. She determined that russets were the best potato, light cream (or heavy cream but not half & half as it can curdle the sauce), and a bit of baking soda to neutralize the potatoes' acidic tannins. Top it all with buttery, parmesan-y bread crumbs. 

We liked that the potatoes are cubed, not sliced, which is much easier than slicing by hand or with the food processor (cleaning it, ugh!). Also, there aren't a ton of ingredients, not even bay leaves or garlic or onion. And, after simmering the potatoes in the cream, they can be poured into & cooled in the baking pan and then refrigerated until the next day, so they can be made ahead. 
These potatoes are yummy! Soft and creamy and cheesy with a bit of crunch from the bread crumbs. They certainly made dinner more exciting since we had steamed broccoli and those skinny pork chops (we used this recipe as inspiration to try to liven up the pork chops: Pork Chops with Mushrooms & Thyme) with them.

Definitely a make again potato dish. I might even like these better than the Weekday Scalloped Potatoes (also from America's Test Kitchen, in Cover & Bake).

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