Friday, October 2, 2020

Potato Galette

My mom used to make skillet potatoes - simply slicing potatoes, piling them in a skillet with onions and butter and cooking them until done, entirely on the stovetop, sometimes covered, sometimes uncovered. I loved those skillet potatoes. This Potato Galette recipe in The Side Dish Bible seemed similar, so we decided to try it.
Layers of creamy, soft Yukon Gold potatoes.
I think ours got too browned (black?!) but it was still good. These were pretty easy to make, looked pretty, didn't involve too much hands-on time (especially since we used the food processor to slice the potatoes), and tasted yummy.
We did not add the rosemary because of whatever we were eating with this (I forget what it was). We will definitely make these again. 

Recipe here: Potato Galette

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