Thursday, November 5, 2020

Thursday Thoughts

On the morning of November 1, I saw Christmas posts/photos in my social media feeds. Really, people? Nov. 1 and you're posting about Christmas? During a pandemic? What about Thanksgiving? Gah! No Christmas until Black Friday!

Tuesday was a big day. We voted by mail, mailing ours back in early October. We spent Tuesday, and yesterday, and today, trying to not obsessively follow the election coverage. So stressful! 

What We're Eating:

What We're Watching:
  • We finished Schitt's Creek. We both really liked the show. Moira was a little much at times, and Johnny could be a jerk, but almost always we were laughing a lot. A very good escape from current events.
  • Holiday Baking Championship started. It still seems a bit early to be watching Christmas themed competitions, but maybe watching will get me in the mood.
  • Fargo Season 4 continues to bore me. Four more episodes. 
  • We started watching The Queen's Gambit  (Netflix). It's based on the book about an orphan chess prodigy and her quest to become the world's top chess player. We've watched 2 of the 7 episodes. 
  • The Amazing Race. We're 4 episodes in and our favorite team almost came in last! The watermelon stack challenge gave them a lot of trouble. 
What I'm Reading:
The Last Tourist by Olen Steinhauer. This is the 4th and final of the Milo Weaver series. It was good, if also seeming a little crazy pants and convoluted.

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