Thursday, December 3, 2020

Thursday Thoughts

Our quiet Thanksgiving for two was nice. On Friday we decorated for Christmas. Gosh there's a lot of Christmas stuff and it always takes longer than it should. Like trying to get the garland on the mantle, well not on, but hanging with this kind of clip. We'd get the left side on, then as we were doing the right side, the left would plop off. Or the ends would be up and as we did the middle, one or both ends would plop off. Then the lights on one side were twisted to the back and we had to twist the garland which made it plop off. It took 40 minutes to get the garland up! 

Then assembling the tree took 30 minutes. A tree in 3 pieces with prelit lights. But there was the problem: the entire top section was not lighting up and it took a long time to find the problematic bulb (one had popped out) then we couldn't locate the extra bulbs. Ugh! After that we spent about 2-3 hours hanging ornaments and doing other assorted decorating stuff and then cleaning up.

The other excitement this week: the car. We got an oil change in late Oct. Over the weekend, SP pulled the car out of the garage so he could work on getting the snowblower ready. He found oil puddles under the car. So we assumed it was leaking oil & were angry because of the recent oil change plus the car is only 2.5 years old so it cannot be sick yet! He checked the oil indicator light inside and it said 40%, which didn't make sense for an oil change 1 month ago and given how little we drive. Fortunately, we had another scheduled porch swap with my dad, who also was going to WalMart, so we asked him to get us some oil for the car because SP didn't want to somehow have 0% oil to drive it to the service garage. But when he went to add the oil, the dipstick thingy indicated it was full. 

End result: The service garage said the car is not leaking oil but the person who did the oil change in Oct. made 2 mistakes. One, they didn't reset the oil indicator light. Two, they got oil on the car frame and didn't wipe it up, hence the drips. SP couldn't see that because the car had to be raised up to see the drippy oil residue underneath. All better now. We just need to get some kitty litter to clean up the oil in the garage.

What We're Eating:

What We're Watching:

  • We finished Season 3 of Babylon Berlin (Netflix) and now we anxiously await Season 4. I didn't think the third season was as good as the first two seasons and the ending was a little weird. I had to look it up to understand it! But overall, I still really like the show.
  • We started Season 4 of The Crown (Netflix). We've watched 3 episodes. 
  • Amazing Race (CBS). There were five teams and my least favorite team got eliminated. I don't have high hopes for my favorite team, but we'll see.
  • SEAL Team (CBS) is back! Lots of changes for the team, including Cerberus. 
  • Fargo (FX) Season 4 ended. Finally. The last episode was kind of an epilogue, a where are they now kind of thing. I still think the season was disappointing. 
  • The Undoing (HBO). No spoilers, but I wasn't surprised by the identity of the murderer. 

What I'm Reading:

  • The Sentinel by Lee Child. The latest Jack Reacher book. It was just OK. Lee Child is retiring and turning over the Reacher series to his younger brother to write and this was a joint effort. The plot seemed a little too fantastic for the location. And the book seemed kind of wordy at times, or too focused on fight scenes.
  • All the Old Knives. I really enjoyed Olen Steinhauer's Milo Weaver series so I decided to read the stand alone novels. This one was interesting, but also kind of sad. 

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