Friday, January 22, 2021

Hot Cocoa Cake

Last weekend we made Hot Cocoa Cake from The Perfect Cake (America's Test Kitchen). I'd been wanting to make this cake since last winter plus we had some leftover marshmallow creme.
It's easy to make, it just takes time. Even prepping the cake pans takes time: greasing, flouring, putting a parchment round in the pan, greasing that. The cookbook shows a 3 layer cake (8" layers) but we have 2 9" layer pans, so we decided our cake would be 2 9" layers. The nice thing for many of the cakes in this cookbook is that the recipes for vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, etc., round layers are for 3 8" or 2 9" layers, so no worries about having too much/too little batter. You need to have everything measured out ahead of time before you start mixing. The chocolate, cocoa, and hot water mixture needs time to cool a bit. Eggs need separating. Butter needs to be chunked and added chunk by chunk. You use both the whisk and paddle of the stand mixer. 
The cake layers need to cool before assembly. The marshmallow filling is easy but can be annoying since marshmallow creme is sticky! Once the marshmallow creme is combined with gelatin, butter, and vanilla it's much easier to work with. The frosting is so good, just whipping cream, cocoa, and white chocolate.
The cake is delicious and moist. Whenever I've made a cake that calls for buttermilk, it has never been dry and disappointing. I love the marshmallow filling. And that frosting - I think I could just eat it like pudding. I like that no powdered sugar was involved. Even SP really likes this cake and he's not usually a chocolate cake and marshmallow person!

To make it pretty, ATK tops it with large marshmallows and a dusting of cocoa powder. I didn't want to be eating that much marshmallow so we planned to just go without. Then we found a mostly used package from the last time we make Rice Krispies Treats so we figured we'd put them on top to make it prettier, especially for photos. They look fine, but in reality, the marshmallows with a use by date of Sept 2020 were hard and stale and revolting, so after taking photos, we plucked them off and tossed them!

We'd definitely make this cake again.

Recipe here: Hot Cocoa Cake

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