Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Orange Chocolate Custard Pie

We are slowly working our way through The Perfect Pie. We'll never try all the pies, just the ones that catch our eye. Like this Orange Chocolate Custard Pie that caught my eye and made me think of the days when I'd devour a bag of Orange Chocolate Milano Cookies.
There are several steps to making this pie. The first is the crust. SP carefully crimped the crust and added pie weights and yet it still sank in a couple places. Oh well. That's how you know it's homemade, right?!
Next is to cook the orange custard. Once it's made, you divide it in half and flavor one half with melted bittersweet chocolate. The chocolate layer is the bottom layer of the pie.
The orange custard goes on top the chocolate. We stopped here because it's just the two of us and it would take us a week to eat the pie. The official recipe calls for the pie to be topped with an Orange Whipped Cream and then dusted with chocolate shavings. The orange whipped cream wouldn't keep for more than a day, so we skipped it.
This pie is delicious. If we made it for guests, we'd include the orange whipped cream, but I didn't feel like it was missing. Lots of chocolate and orange flavor. It's a rich chocolate layer, but not overly sweet. So creamy. The orange layer is like a creamsicle. So good. We will definitely make this again.

Recipe: Orange Chocolate Custard Pie


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