Monday, May 24, 2021

Pasta Primavera

Ever since SP's surgery, we've been trying to eat a bit healthier. More veggies. A little fish. And thus far, no red meat (though summer is coming and I love smoked burgers). This is another recipe of pasta for me, veggies for him: Pasta Primavera from Giada's Everyday Italian cookbook. The nice thing about this is that the vegetables are cut about the same size and roasted at the same time in the oven. 
We're still doing curbside pickups from Market District. This past Sunday morning, they didn't have zucchini. We were surprised. A couple months ago we were told they no longer sold pancetta. There have been a few other surprises in the past year. They have left us wondering what is going on because isn't Market District supposed to be Giant Eagle's "answer" to Whole Foods and how the heck can they be out of zucchini or not sell pancetta?

So, no pretty and tasty green zucchini. Just extra yellow squash, which is OK and tastes almost the same. Red & yellow pepper, carrots, onions, roasted in olive oil & Herbes de Provence. SP loved this dish. I did not especially like it. I really missed the zucchini. I'm not a huge fan of peppers and it turned out there was too much pepper for me, or at least with the absence of the zucchini, which would be my favorite of these veggies, there was too much pepper. Substituting more yellow squash for the zucchini made for too much squash.

I'm willing to try it again, but only if there is zucchini! Plus a little more herb flavor. But it was easy and I liked roasting all the veggies together and that there wasn't any cream or butter.

Recipe here: Pasta Primavera

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