Thursday, May 6, 2021

Thursday Thoughts


  • I skipped/forgot Thursday Thoughts last week. I'm very close to quitting this, but something doesn't let me. Not sure what. Things the past 2 months have been stressful & worrisome and last week was especially so. Thus, no post.
  • I've written that SP was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when he was 3 years old. He's lived with it a long time and some of the bad things are starting to happen. Like needing open heart surgery. And carotid surgery. And a few other things. Some things started last fall and by the end of March we'd progressed to major surgery. Last week was the heart surgery. Thankfully, it went well and he was home in 5 days. Five days! He's taking it easy at home and trying to be a good patient but he's so used to helping me that he's not very good at letting me do things for him.
  • There's another surgery in 1-2 months and then getting a few other issues under control with new medications (after many tests in March & April). But hopefully, slowly, surely, he'll get back to normal.
  • We need a lot of help right now. He's not allowed to drive, or lift over 5 lbs, and he doesn't have full range of motion with his arms. He was joking that he has T-Rex arms right now. So it's still stressful, just in a different way. Things are difficult but at least we have our health, or sort of!
  • I haven't been reading the news much. I haven't had much of an attention span for real life. I keep retreating into tv/movies/books. I started to read more news yesterday and what I've been seeing has sent me running back to my safe spaces (tv/movies/books). I refuse to write anything political on this blog but, thoughts. Lots of thoughts, And rage. And rants. So much stupid.

What We've Been Eating:

  • Spaghetti with Spring Vegetables (asparagus, peas, zucchini)
  • Piccolo Forno (pizza and salad with tuna)
  • Millie's Chocolate Stout ice cream and Pistachio ice cream
  • Central Diner take-out
  • Chicken with Shallot-White Wine-Dill-Mustard Sauce with rice & broccoli
  • Salad with Tempura Shrimp from Costco or with plain shrimp
  • Hospital food. The orange jello that was pink looked scrumptious! As did the turkey with gravy - for a bypass patient! Gravy! WTF?!
  • Dessert: Orange Shortbread Cookies with Chocolate Chips, Pocky, Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies.

What We've Been Watching:

  • Unforgotten (Amazon). We finished season 2 & watched season 3. We were ready for season 4, but we cannot find it on any streaming service. That makes us sad because we really enjoyed it.
  • Without Remorse (Amazon, movie). It was fine. Not great, not bad, we both have read the Clancy books and seen the movies. Certainly was nice to watch Michael B. Jordan for 2 hours.
  • We started Mare of Easttown (HBO) with Kate Winslet. It's good. Not super action packed and the circumstances of the characters are a little depressing but slowly all the relationships are coming together as Mare investigates a murder.
  • Last week when SP was in the hospital, I watched for the millionth time (!) the Jason Bourne movies which were airing on AMC. Those are movies I get sucked into every time. I was reading while watching.
  • We got caught up on a lot of the food shows we record from Food Network & PBS.

What I've been Reading:

  • The Last Widow (Will Trent #9) by Karin Slaughter. As usual, very engrossing.
  • Blindsighted (Grant County #1) by Karin Slaughter. These are set before the Will Trent series, or at least before Will meets Sara.
  • Key Lime Pie Murder (Hannah Swensen #9) by Joanne Fluke. The usual, light, fluffy, engrossing enough story.

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