Thursday, August 5, 2021

Thursday Thoughts


We ate out last Saturday. A big deal for us, because even though we're vaccinated, due to existing health issues, we still fear the virus (being the ones who get it despite being vaccinated). Anyway, we ate outside, went early, etc. This place serves fresh iced tea, yay, but the fresh tea last Saturday was brewed too long or something because it tasted awful. Awful.

Since my tea was so disappointing and we were going to go for a drive after dinner, I asked if we could get a tea or coffee first. So SP went into Target to get me a drink. I asked for an iced coffee. He knows my drinking preferences (peculiarities) and while he did get the correct beverage, he got what looked like a Big Gulp size. Good grief! No way was I going to be able to drink that much! It was almost too large for my tiny hands! Also, even though I said a little sugar, and he told them a little sugar, ohhh boy was that iced coffee sweet. Too sweet. So my second drink also was disappointing.

The iced coffee went into the refrigerator not long after we got home. When I went to have some on Sunday, it was awfully empty and I was confused because I knew I hadn't been able to drink more than 1/4 of it. When I asked him, he looked sheepish and confessed that he knocked it over. So most of the too sweet, Big Gulp sized iced coffee would up on our kitchen floor. Not a good weekend for beverages.

What We're Eating:
What We're Watching:
  • The Wire (HBOMax). We finished season 4. Kind of depressing with the very young kids. We started season 5.
  • The White Lotus (HBOMax). Four episodes down and still no idea who dies at the resort. The characters continue to be unlikeable. 
What I'm Reading:
  • The Cellist from Daniel Silva. I look forward to the latest Gabriel Allon adventure every July and they never disappoint.  
  • State of the Union #3 and Blowback #4  by Brad Thor. Both sucked me in although I found the premise in Blowback a bit hard to accept. 

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