Thursday, September 9, 2021

Thursday Thoughts


  • I forgot about the blog. For 3 weeks. Oops. I've had other things on my mind, other things I've been doing. Plus, we haven't been as interested in trying new dishes for dinner. We've been making the same old summer meals. They're yummy, just not new & exciting. Nothing to blog about.
  • It's been, what, a year and a half of COVID now? Even though we are vaccinated, SP's surgeries & recoveries kept us at home until mid-August. Even then, we've not ventured out much. We have no desire to eat indoors. It's been quite hot this summer, so outdoor dining isn't too appealing. On Saturdays we get take out for dinner and I try to post on Instagram. This past weekend was Cafe io. I still love the Monster Grilled Cheese. 
  • This means I've forgotten how to dress, do make-up, and style my hair. After all the days of sweats and/or pajamas, even jeans feel too restrictive and dressy! 
  • As for my hair. I have been getting it colored and cut every 6-7 weeks, but since we rarely go anywhere, I don't have to do much. I wash it, blast it with the hair dryer, and then hide the flyaways and frizz under a bandanna. Actually having to do my hair is such an ordeal. That's probably why twice in the past month I've grabbed the wrong bottle and hair sprayed my hair as I flat ironed. Ugh. Such a disgusting mistake. My hair felt so gross. I can't believe I was so stupid. I even said to myself, hey, pay attention, don't use the hair spray with the flat iron this time. But no. I looked directly at the bottle and said, oh yes, this is right! And then as I finished the very last bit of flat ironing and reached for the hair spray, only then did I realize I was not using the heat protector stuff. My poor hair.
  • I went to Paige Dairy Mart for the first time in August! I had a Twist Cone. It was a wonderful treat. I haven't had a twist cone in ages. Maybe not since my teenage years.
  • We also got ice cream at Sarris. I hadn't had their ice cream in about 10 years! I got the rainbow sherbet in a waffle cone but plopped in a bowl because it was hot and I figured I wouldn't eat it all. I was right. It was delicious. SP had the same thing but with Peanut Butter Cookie Dough.

What We've Been Eating the Past 3 Weeks:

  • Grilled Chicken Teriyaki with rice & broccoli
  • Smoked Burgers with Burger Sauce, cheese, tomato, letttuce
  • Pasta Salad
  • Tomato Tart with garden salad
  • Lamb Burgers in pita with feta, tzatziki, tomato, lettuce
  • Grilled Apricot-Mustard Chicken with grilled potatoes & grilled green beans

What We've Been Watching:

  • Beckett (movie, Netflix). This was pretty good. Beckett was like the Energizer Bunny and after all the injuries he sustained, well, he should've not been able to move half way through the movie! But he did! He got the bad guys!
  • Agatha Christie's Crooked House (movie, Netflix). I love mysteries. This was good. Glenn Close & Gillian Anderson are wonderful.
  • Spenser Confidential (movie, Netflix). We couldn't decide what to watch and this looked like a good choice for how we felt. A little mindless but not too mindless, action, laughs. Fun. Based on the Robert Parker novels about Spenser & Hawk, which I read up until he passed away.
  • Sweet Girl (movie, Netflix). Jason Momoa running around Pittsburgh kicking ass? Yes, please. Jumping off PNC into the river? Yes, please - though that seems like he would be dead not continuing on his revenge quest. But who cares, it looked cool!
  • Money Heist S5 Part 1 (Netflix). We love this show! We watched these 5 new episodes in 2 days and now we must wait until Dec. 3 for the final 5 episodes. Ahhh! And why did (person) have to die?!
  • Post Mortem: No One Dies in Skarnes (Netflix). This was an SP pick to watch and I was skeptical but it ended up being great except for some gross gore in parts.
  • Only Murders in the Building (Hulu). Steve Martin, Martin Short, Selena Gomez in a comedy about 3 building tenets who are crime podcast fans trying to investigate/podcast about the murder in their building. We watched the first 3 episodes last night. It's funny and new episodes are released on Tuesdays.
  • Wellington Paranormal (HBOMax). Still funny.
  • The Chair (Netflix). This Sandra Oh show is terrific! We laughed a lot. Her daughter is a hoot, too, though I also wanted to smack the brat at times! I know, no one spanks their kid these days. But good grief she was not well behaved at times.
  • Bobby & Giada in Italy (Food Network). We really enjoyed these 4 hour long episodes that premiered first on Discovery+. They spent a month back in Fall 2019 filming in Rome & Tuscany. So much delicious food like gelato, pizza, pasta, lamb, meats, cheeses. Makes me want to be on a food vacation!
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine (NBC). We have always enjoyed this show and will miss it when this 8th and final season wraps up. So far, they've been doing a great job of moving the characters to the ending and bringing back/ending the more prominent recurring characters throughout the past seasons.

What I've Been Reading:

  • Death in Brittany by Jean Luc Bannalec. This is the first in a series I decided to try. Another French detective one, like the Bruno books I read. These ones are good, too. 
  • The First Commandment by Brad Thor. The next in the series and still enjoyable though the more I read, the more I think I've actually read all the Brad Thor books...?!
  • The Coldest Case by Martin Walker A Bruno Mystery. The latest Bruno adventure. It was good, maybe a little formulaic. I hope they don't get too similar.
  • Something Read, Something Dead by Eva Gates. Cozy mystery, still holding my interest.
  • The Chocolate Raccoon Rigmarole by Joanna Carl. I've been reading this cozy mystery series for a while. This is the latest in the series. It was a nice, light, quick read.

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