Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Tuesday Thoughts


  • A couple of Mondays ago, it was my birthday. Whoo! When you're my age, birthdays aren't very exciting. And sometimes, you just don't want to acknowledge them because they make you think too much about your mortality.
  • That being said, if it must be acknowledged, no better way than with lots of treats and delicious food. 
  • Birthday weekend kicked off with an Apricot Cup, Pepperoni Roll, Lady Lock, and Yum Yum from Bethel Bakery.
  • Then there was a Capicola-Spinach-Mushroom Pizza on Saturday. 
  • Sunday, SP made me Sourdough Crumpets for breakfast and Braised Lamb Shanks for dinner.
  • On my actual birthday, we got take-out from Arlecchino. I had my usual Veal Scallopini with Crab and Lemon, served with salad and pasta, and for dessert Raspberry Tiramisu.  
  • The rest of birthday week was leftovers. Very yummy leftovers.
  • The weekend before my birthday was a return to Broadway Shows and that was a bit stressful. Everyone had to wear a mask and show proof of vaccination so I'm not sure how it could be safer but it was still kind of nerve-wracking to be in the Benedum with all those people, some of them insisting that they could let their nose hang out of the mask. Sigh.
  • We went out after the show with some friends. We went to Bridges & Bourbon and sat outside. The rain held off long enough for us to enjoy an adult beverage and some snacks. SP & I shared a Grilled Cheese with brie, arugula, caramelized onions, and fig spread. Fancy grilled cheese. It was lovely to sit and chat with friends we hadn't seen in nearly 2 years.
  • In other news, I've been really congested so I decided to again try a neti pot. Night #1 went OK. Night #2 did not go so well as I ended up with a terrible nose bleed. I blew my nose after the water drained out to be sure I got all the snot and bam! Worst nose bleed I've had in ages. It took nearly 20 minutes to stop. I am cautiously and optimistically sticking with it in hopes that it'll clear out my constantly allergied up & congested nose. For now I'm only doing it every 3 days or so. 

What We're Cooking & Eating:

  • Braised Lamb Shanks
  • Meatloaf with mashed potatoes & roasted cauliflower
  • Chicken & Herb Risotto with Asparagus
  • Chicken Noodle Soup
  • Frozen Ravioli with Jarred Sauce. Meh.
  • Desserts: Smiley Cookies, Bethel Bakery, Raspberry Tiramisu, Halloween candy, homemade Chex Mix

What We're Watching:

  • Army of Thieves (movie, Netflix). The safecracker, Ludvig, from Army of the Dead is the star of this safe cracking spree. Enjoyable. 
  • Red Notice (movie, Netflix). The Rock. Ryan Reynolds. Gal Gadot. Light. Funny. Definitely fun and what we needed with so much serious TV and so much serious news in the real world.
  • Dopesick (Hulu). The finale is tomorrow. I'm hoping it ends on maybe a bit of an uplifting note? Cause, gosh, sadness and anger are what I usually feel when watching. Great show, just, ugh the Sackler Family, and the FDA and government and just all of it is so infuriating.
  • Succession (HBO). The most recent episodes have been better although dad is still a jerk and the kids are still idiots.
  • Holiday Baking Championship (Food Network). From the Halloween show right to the Thanksgiving & Christmas one. Sometimes the one judge seems mean, but I'm not the one eating the food, so... maybe it's deserved?! The yule logs looked yummy. I love yule logs. 
  • When it was Caramel Week on the British Baking Show, I felt for them because I despise trying to make caramel. Those chocolate covered cookie/caramel things looked awfully yummy. Then it was Free From week and I wish Freya could've been there. Those poor "sausage rolls." Gross!
  • Squid Game (Netflix). We watched episode 1. We'll watch it, we're just not wanting to marathon it. We both knew the premise of the show but somehow, episode 1 got to us with its... brutality? 
  • Capitani (Netflix). A detective show, from Luxembourg. So far we're enjoying it. It's not quite as good as the British shows like it, or the Nordic ones, but still an interesting cast of characters. Plus, I need to know what's up with the glasses.
  • Still watching The Rookie, John Oliver, SNL, food shows on PBS (Cook's Country, America's Test Kitchen, Milk Street), Ina on Food Network has new episodes, and while we don't plop down and watch entire games, we are watching Pitt & Steelers football. YouTube TV has a great feature. If you add the game to your library, when you go to watch it, even if it's still in progress, you have an option to watch a compilation of key plays.  

What I'm Reading:

  • Full Black, Black List, and Foreign Influence by Brad Thor. I'm reading these a bit out of order because some of the wait times are pretty darn long. I haven't enjoyed these as much as the previous books and I'm not sure why but I'll keep reading the series.
  • The Sisters by Claire Douglas. It was good. A little icky. A little creepy. But it held my interest.
  • Local Girl Missing by Claire Douglas. This one was good, too, and I couldn't put it down. I was so sure about the dad being the culprit and never suspected who it really was.
  • Murder on Brittany Shores by Jean-Luc Bannalec. I'm enjoying these even though I'm not sure I find the main character that likeable. Also, he seems to figure out the murderer with information not really given to the reader-? When the murderer is revealed, I always feel like, oh? Uhhh, OK-? 

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