About Me
I am a Pittsburgher who enjoys cooking & eating, tea & baked goodies, cross-stitch, reading, movies, traveling, sports, and snuggling with my husband.

About SP
SP is my Sweetie Pie, a nickname bestowed upon him by my grandmother's husband. After a few months of dating, I went to Las Vegas to spend 4 months with my parents. During that time, not only did SP come to see me once a month, but he also called every night at 7 pm Las Vegas time. For some reason, when my step-grandfather heard about the nightly phone call, he started joking that Sweetie Pie must really like me and what on earth could we possibly talk about every night and when were Sweetie Pie and I going to get married? The nickname stuck, and every night when the phone rang at 7 pm, my parents would both yell out,"Hi Sweetie Pie!"

SP and I got married in April 2010. We've known each other since I was 15 and he moved here with his family from New Jersey. We lost touch during college (he was at Carnegie Mellon; I was at Bucknell and spending my junior year in Japan) but reconnected several years later when I was recuperating from breaking my femur. We were friends for about 3 years and then gradually things changed - before we knew it, we had bought a house and moved in together and then we got engaged and now we're married.

One of my favorite things about SP is that he, too, enjoys dining out and cooking. We have no formal training, just lots of trial and error in the kitchen plus a love of browsing cookbooks, food magazines, and food blogs/recipe sites. We both learned to cook out of necessity - after graduating from college, if we wanted to eat healthy and not spend a fortune eating out, we had to learn to cook. We've both come a long way from the days of instant noodles!

We try to eat healthy, but don't always succeed. Life is short, so why deny yourself the good stuff? We both have some health issues that could make our 'golden years' not so golden, or that may cause us to not even reach our golden years, so we try to strike a balance between healthy and enjoying yummy, unhealthy foods like bacon and cream sauces.

Yum Yum's Food Quirks
Yum Yum has a garlic sensitivity/allergy - every time she eats it, she gets sick. So she avoids garlic and is constantly sniffing her food in restaurants, checking for possible garlic infiltration. Her stomach is also sensitive to undercooked meats, sometimes salad greens, raw onions, and dairy products. She dislikes coconut, chilies, curry, tofu, cilantro, pineapple, and anything hot & spicy. She thinks dessert is the best part of the meal and has to have a little something for dessert every evening.

SP's Food Quirks
SP once lived gluten free. Many years later, a new doctor, another test, and he discovered the original diagnosis was incorrect. He now happily devours pasta and breads but prefers whole wheat varieties. He likes almost everything but does not eat beef. His favorite foods are those Yum Yum really dislikes: Thai, Indian, sushi, and anything hot & spicy.