Why Yum Yum?

1. Yum Yum is used to express pleasurable satisfaction, especially in the taste of food.

2. Yum Yum is the love interest of Nanki-Poo (son of the Mikado) in Gilbert & Sullivan's The Mikado.

3. Yum Yums are two tasty soft chocolate cookies with buttercream icing in between at Bethel Bakery.

Yum Yum seemed to be a good title for the above 3 reasons. More specifically:

One day, SP and I were at Bethel Bakery, my favorite bakery, surveying the baked goodies, trying to decide on our treats and I looked over and saw some treats called Yum Yums. Yum Yums are also known as whoopie pies or gobs. I love yum yums/whoopie pies/gobs. Bethel Bakery has a Yum Yum cake, Yum Yum cookies, mini Yum Yums, a Steelers Yum Yum, and several flavors of Yum Yums (chocolate, pumpkin, almond with raspberry cream).

On the ride home that day, after purchasing some Yum Yums, I remembered that several years ago I saw The Mikado (a comedic opera set in Japan; I lived in Japan, majored in Japanese, I really enjoy The Mikado). After seeing the show, my friend and I went out for a drink and we decided to play that trivia game some bars have. I needed a name and on the spur of the moment, having just seen The Mikado, and not wanting to use my real name, I decided on Yum Yum.

So I was Yum Yum for a while. One day, I broke my femur, life changed, I got older, and trips to bars for drinks and trivia ended. I forgot about my 'nickname.'

Yum also happens to be a word we use a lot to describe our food - "mmm yum!" or "mmm yummy." When browsing through cookbooks or magazines, when I see a photo or recipe that excites me, I'll sometimes say,"ooohhh that looks yummy!"

On the car ride home from Bethel Bakery that day, it hit me. "My blog should be Yum Yum!" I said to SP. I explained why (for the three reasons listed above). He agreed. It seems fitting,